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Dear Parent,

My name is Stephen Whittier. I own and operate Straight Blast Gym East Coast (SBG), the #1 Award-Winning Martial Arts School in Wareham, MA, and I want to commend you on taking the most important step to changing your child’s life forever!

Everybody knows that making sure your child develops confidence is the key to long-term success in life…. Not to mention, you can’t turn on the news today without hearing about some tragic story resulting from a child or teen being harrassed by bullies. And for every story like this we hear, there are countless more that we’ll never know about, but nevertheless result in deep psychological trauma….

Well, I’m here to tell you that this DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR CHILD!

Recent Statistics have revealed that putting your child in a positive after school activity like martial arts classes can drastically help long term success (and our award-winning Growing Gorillas program has an every higher track record.)

In fact, I’m happy to say that our program has a proven process to help kids and teens grow into confident, capable young leaders armed with the gift of confidence and a success-oriented mindset.

I’m on an unstoppable mission to make sure they become positive and productive adults!

 The Big Myth About Kid's Martial Arts 

One of the biggest misconceptions about martial arts is that they are all created equal…. Parents have “heard” that they’re good for teaching positive values and qualities like self-discipline, respect, and confidence as well as self-defense.

But the reality is that there are MASSIVE differences in quality between different martial arts programs – which is why we have parents who drive up to 45 minutes or more each way to our program to ensure that their children get the best possible education. And that goes for both training and in developing important life skills…

Because the fact is, you can’t just hope that taking martial arts classes transfer these positive qualities to your child – there has to be a proven process in place to help them become their best!

And as both a former University educator and an marital arts instructor for my entire adult life, I’m very happy to report that we’ve “cracked the code” when it comes to doing just that.

Here at SBG, our awesome staff and instructors make sure that every one of our students has the chance to meet their potential and reach for the stars!

Do Any Of These Stories Below Sound Familiar To You?

{Story #1} The Kid Who Is Always Bullied

{Story #1} The Kid Who Is Always Bullied

Angie hated going to school. The reason? Every day she had to deal with the school bully, who loved to pick on her.

As a result, her confidence and self esteem suffered more an more, and she started making excuses to avoid going to school – saying that she was sick or any other reason she could think of so she wouldn’t have to deal with the bullying.

{Story #2} Mr. Hyperactive (ADHD)

This next story is about Ian. Ian was that kid who just couldn’t sit still or pay attention to anything.

Teachers labeled him as “Wild” and his parents were at a loss as to how to change this behavior…

Ian was as smart as they come, but was just so easily distracted.

If he could only learn how to apply himself…

{Story #3} Mr. "Won't Do Anything" 

Abel was that kid that you always had to ask repeatedly to complete a task. It didn’t matter if it was homework or chores, he never got the job done.

And to make things worse, all he seemed interested in was sitting on his computer or playing video games!

{Story #4} Mr. "I Hate Exercise"

Chris was that kid who just didn’t want to exercise. He hated sports and doing anything physical.

If it involved anything even remotely related to exercise he was out!

He was gaining weight fast and was always tired. His parents didn’t know what to do!

Even though Angie, Ian, Abel, and Chris are fictitious children, their stories are based off of very real scenarios based on kids we have worked with over the years.

In fact, I can’t tell you how many times concerned parents have called my martial arts school and told me almost these exact scenarios… We tell them how our program can help their child, just like I’m telling you. They end up enrolling their children in our martial arts program and after just a couple of weeks of training, here are some of the changes that begin to emerge…

  • Unwavering Confidence – Parents stand in amazement when they watch their children (including those who were painfully shy or lacked any assertiveness) start walking tall and proud with their heads up, demonstrating leadership qualities at school, and pursuing new opportunities.
  • Laser Like Focus – Another change that many of our parents point out is that after just a few classes, their children focus on their tasks at hand – without being told! Whether it’s homework or learning a new skill, many parents are astounded to see their kids acting more attentive and getting things done right… the first time!

Before you know it, they will start doing this at home too. They will concentrate like never before on what you need them to – their chores at home, when they talk to you anything – basically anything they put their mind to.

It is learning skills like these that make kids who take martial arts more likely to succeed as adults:

  • Goal Setting – Our program teaches kids how to set goals so that that they can learn what they need to do to succeed in life as they graduate high school, go to college, and begin a career. When they begin to test for stripes and belts, they learn to set their goals (and we make sure they set goals at home and school as well as in martial arts class) and learn exactly what they must to achieve those goals.

In addition, kids in our Growing Gorillas youth leadership program get the benefit of our renowned life skills and character development curriculum – that you can only find at SBG!

  • A Positive, “Yes I Can” Attitude – In the martial arts, having a good attitude is essential to growth. We teach kids how to overcome obstacles with confidence. Our students learn the value of self-discipline, personal responsibility, and and dynamic problem solving – all key for future success.
  • Self Defense – All martial arts training claims to teach kids self defense, but the reality is that most skills the kids learn will do more harm than good. And even more important than what they learn is the manner in which we teach them. At SBG, our students learn “real world” practical self defense skills, and do it in a fun and supportive environment. What’s more, they learn that using their new self defense skills is always a last resort – and how to resolve conflict without violence.

Understanding different ways to deal with potential conflicts is critical as your child becomes…

  • Bully Proof – We were bully prevention experts long before this became a hot topic with national headlines. Our martial arts classes teach kids how to deal with bullies responsibly, the difference between assertive and aggressive action, and develop the confidence that stops most bullies in their tracks.

In fact, our anti-bully program has been used in area schools and was even featured on the Fox 25 Morning Show!

  • Increased Fitness Levels – It’s not as easy these days for kids to get exercise the way we used to…. Even with kids involved in athletics, the world has become more “digital”… our youth in general spends far less time engaged in physical activity, and some schools have cut physical education altogether. As a result, many kids in the United States are dangerously obese, even diabetic.

The good news is that training in martial arts is a fun and exciting way for kids to exercise. Through our martial arts program, many student experience benefits like increased strength, speed, agility, weight loss, and coordination.

We’ve even had great success getting kids who just want to play video games or watch YouTube videos to “unplug” and have a blast learning exciting martial arts skills – they get to do in real life what their friends only do on Play Station!

“I will increase your child’s confidence, self esteem, show them how to avoid peer pressure, improve their motor skills, teach them self defense, how to deal with bullies… they will develop skills that will last a lifetime.”

- Stephen Whittier

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. We cannot guarantee specific results.

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And there are so many more benefits for kids and teens who train in the martial arts… Just see what some of our many happy parents have to say:

"I highly recommend this place!"

Tanya Blake

"This place is great!! My little guy looks forward to working hard and having fun every week! The instructors are great people! I highly recommend this place! I wish I had more time to take classes myself!!"

"My daughter and I both train there and love it! I can't recommend it enough...."

Mary Cabral

"SBG is an incredible family oriented place to learn martial arts and real life skills. My daughter and I both train there and love it! I can't recommend it enough. The staff and instructors are friendly and professional, not to mention very skilled and knowledgeable."

"An excellent program..."

Michael DeGrazia

"The SBG staff work very well with kids and adults. They even go so far as to offer transportation from school to their after school program, where they go over homework with the children as well as teach them character and leadership in the martial arts classes. Overall an excellent program."

"Absolutely incredible!"

Christy Lynch

I can't say enough about how amazing and powerful this program is for kids. Absolutely incredible! My son loves it there and it's been great for his confidence."

"I'm so appreciative of all the instructors have done for my son..."

Pam Hirahall

"Straight Blast Gym in Wareham is the best! Everyone at the school is fantastic... I always leave feeling welcome and motivated, like part of the family! And I'm so appreciative of all the instructors have done for my son, Derek. Since he joined the program and began his martial arts classes, he has benefitted tremendously and grown in so many ways! I just wish I had found SBG sooner."

"The school really focuses on the life skills that are so important, like discipline, respect, confidence, etc..."

Jaime Ponte

My 4 year old kept expressing interest in martial arts so I went in to check the place out and was immediately impressed by the staff's professionalism and the school's cleanliness. We signed up right away.

We loved it so much now all 3 of our kids train there along with my wife and me. Not only do kids at SBG learn self-defense, the school really focuses on the life skills that are so important, like discipline, respect, confidence, etc. They even have seminar and school talks to show how children can deal with bullies as safely as possible..

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